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What to expect when coming for elective surgery at Birchmed

July 16, 2020
At Birchmed we want to provide reassurance for any patient going in for surgery.  Below an easy way of the process to each patient what to expect through your journey at Birchmed.  If you need further assistance please speak to the Clinic Manager or Theatre Manager.What precaution have been put in place... Read More

SANBS Blood Drive

July 16, 2020
On the chilly winter morning of the 28 June 2019 Birchmed Surgical Centre hosted a SANBS Blood Drive. SANBS set up in front of the centre to attract the public to give blood.  Blood is precious and by donating a pint of blood it could save a life. The public was encouraged to donate blood as each Donor... Read More

10 tips to Fresh Breath

July 16, 2020
The 6 August is National Fresh Breath Day. It’s observed annually to appreciate oral hygiene and the importance it plays in a person’s life. Dentists and oral care professionals dedicate this day to fighting bad breath and all the other diseases associated with it. Follow these tips to ensure... Read More
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